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As a homeowner, you have probably heard a thing or two about common myths involving your home. It may be about how you should heat up your car engine in the cold of the winter or how turning off lights doesn’t affect your utility bill (bad news: it does!). Hearing fake stories about your home and its different areas is nothing new, and it just really depends on us if we’d like to believe it.

But did you know that even your garage door has its own set of myths as well? Yes, unknown to many, we may already have been practicing these common garage door myths that sometimes may or may not do more harm than good.

Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions about your garage doors and the truth behind them:

Myth: All garage doors are made the same.

Truth: Garage doors differ based on materials used, designs, and styles. Some brands like Garaga even let you customize one that fits exactly what you need at home.

Myth: You don’t need to install safety features to your garage doors.

Truth: Your garage door can be a great cause of concern if you leave it without safety features installed. Intruders will always find a way to invade your space, so it’s always better to be two steps ahead of them when it comes to your home security.

You can always install cameras, integrate your garage door opener into your smart home system, or upgrade your lock systems to ward off uninvited intruders.

Myth: You only need garage door maintenance when you encounter problems.

Truth: Preventive maintenance is a thing, even with your garage door at home. Instead of waiting for something wrong to happen, schedule routine maintenance with your garage door repair company to stop any signs of an impending issue.

Myth: For better ventilation, you can leave your garage door partially open.

Truth: Leaving your garage door open is highly risky as this can attract intruders to your home. If you want to get better garage ventilation, you can check out other options such as adding air vents.

Myth: Garage doors can endure anything.

Truth: Garage doors can be greatly affected by weather conditions and other natural factors, so it’s always better to choose materials that are suitable for your home’s location.

How Do I Avoid Falling for Garage Door Myths?

It’s easy to confuse what’s real and what’s not. To avoid misconceptions about caring for your home exterior, especially your garage door, it’s better to reach out to experts with years of experience in installing, repairing, and replacing garage doors in your area.

If you’re from Everett, WA, or any cities in Snohomish, Pierce, or King County, you can contact Best Garage Door Company for your garage door needs. With free estimates and an “always available” service, you can never go wrong with our family-owned business for your garage door needs.

Call (425) 320-5149 for your garage door repair and installation needs today.

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