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Carriage garage doors offer class and eloquence

Function & Beauty

You don’t have to compromise function for beauty anymore when it comes to choosing a garage door. They can now be the design feature that sets off the entire front of your home. A carriage garage door is timeless, and its charming warmth is welcoming. Despite becoming a highly desired choice for many homeowners, with an array of custom design features and hardware options, it continues to feel unique and stand out from the rest. Let’s unpack how and why these garage doors are becoming one of the best ways to stand out from the crowd here in the Seattle, Tacoma area. 

Arched and rectangle style carriage garage doors


Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way. These doors are very functional and offer benefits such as security and longevity. They can either swing out or roll up, with the illusion of swinging out. Roll up doors are much more functional, allowing the homeowner to utilize every foot of their driveway. They work just fine with traditional garage door openers and the system of rollers and tracks hug the ceiling allowing maximum use of the garage.

Swing Out Carriage Style Garage Doors

Although much less common, this is still an option. The carriage style garage doors push outward and return to their closed state, usually with a unique garage door opener. They are beautiful and do create the feeling of vintage carriage doors. These are usually best suited for homes that have a large amount of exterior parking space and driveways, as they can encroach due to the swing out clearance needed.

Roll Up Carriage Style Garage Doors

While these doors create the illusion of swinging out, they offer the benefit of rolling up with a traditional garage door opener with full clearance not only on the exterior of the home, but also inside the garage itself. This is because the roller and track system rolls up vertically right up to the ceiling of the garage.

Design Versatility & Windows

Carriage style garage doors are remarkably versatile. There’s so many options and configurations. They can be arched, square, or even rectangular. With subtle tweaks, they can go from vintage, barn-like, and even a modern refined look. The finish is also another way to make your door feel unique. Simply changing the color from light wood to dark wood, or even a painted finish, can completely transform the way it looks. Hardware options are endless and really set off the look you’re going for. There’s also the option for less ornate panels or very elaborate ones. And windows… windows have the ability to not only let light in, but also provide next level eloquence that will stop anyone in their tracks. 

There’s so much more we could say about this design like the enhanced security it offers, and so much more, but we will leave you with this. You’ll never be sorry that you invested a little extra in one of the main entries to your home. Everyday you will enjoy the beautiful way it accents your home and welcomes you with every return. 

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