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Let’s be real – even the best homeowners can’t escape dealing with the most random home problems every now and then. With several factors affecting your home’s endurance including its natural wear and tear in this Washington state climate, having major and minor repairs are an unavoidable part of managing a household. 

One area of your home that might be getting overlooked is your garage door. Oftentimes, homeowners would be concerned about whether their front doors are locking properly or if the windows are starting to form condensation or have cracks on them. But how about the garage door? It should be one part of the home that homeowners should also be highly concerned about. Garage doors aren’t only there to add to the overall appearance of the home, but are also a highly important security feature of your property.

To care for your garage door would mean to constantly keep it in tip top shape. Now this might leave you wondering, what are the most common garage door problems a homeowner might encounter? 

Here are some signs that would tell you your garage door needs some improvement:

  1. Unusual noises - You might be noticing some screeching our creaking sound coming from your door hinges or its mechanism whenever it opens or closes. This might indicate an issue with the mechanism that operates your garage door system.
  2. Natural aging and damage- Just like any other exterior part attached to your home, your garage door will naturally age and wear out. Aside from faded paint, you might also find the material to be less sturdy than it was before.
  3. Stuck doors - This is one common garage door problem during the harsh winter months. Due to freezing temperatures, the door and its system can get stuck in place.
  4. Electric issues - Since your garage door is powered by an electric mechanism, broken cables, sensors, and remote control problems can greatly affect its functionality.
  5. Loose hardware - With its constant opening and closing, the hardware connecting the parts of a garage door can break and wear out over time. Some of the most common parts to break are the springs balancing the door’s weight and the nuts and bolts holding the system together.

If you’re noticing any or all of the signs listed above, it’s time to give your local experts in garage doors a ring. Leaving any home problems unattended for too long may cause some serious issues in the long run. To put your mind at ease, call us at (425) 320-5149 or visit our website to know more about how we can help keep your garage door in its best shape. 

From garage door installation, to garage door repair and other garage door services, Best Garage Door Company has you covered!

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