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Five Cool Facts About Garage Doors

Most people don’t really give much thought to garage doors. However, garage doors do so much more than merely opening and closing, they do more than simply roll up and roll down. Here are five cool facts about garage doors that you probably didn’t know.

  1. Invention of the Garage Door - Garages have been around for years in some shape or form, dating back to the 5th century, but the garage door of modern times was invented in the 1920’s. C.G. Johnson invented the “upward swinging garage door” in 1921 after noticing how much space could be reclaimed at the garage entrance by installing a door that lifted up and out of the way. This was an especially opportune and useful invention as the growing populace began to move away from horses and carriages and the automobile became more popular.
  2. The Average Garage Door Opens 3-5 Times a Day - If you park inside your garage, just think of how many times you go in and out of it in a day. Most garage doors open about 3-5 times a day and that can add up to over 1,500 open and closes in a year!
  3. It Can Help You Save Money - Garage doors aren’t just there to act as a barrier and keep your car or belongings safe from the outside elements. Its other primary use is to help your home stay energy efficient. A well insulated garage door will help your home regulate its temperature, ensuring that heat doesn’t escape and that cool air doesn’t get in without permission. Properly insulated homes waste less energy and are more efficient, meaning that you’ll save money on energy costs.
  4. Garage Doors Can Last Two Decades - On average, a garage door lifespan is about 20 years. To ensure its longevity and to keep the door operating smoothly, you should get maintenance for your garage door regularly. Preventative maintenance such as lubricating the garage door rollers, springs, and hinges will extend its lifespan and will eliminate any squeaky noises when the garage door is in use.
  5. Garage Doors Can be Customized - Garage doors come in all types of materials, colors, and finishes. At Best Garage Door Company, we offer our customers in Snohomish County the opportunity to design the perfect garage door that matches their home and offers a high quality of design and function. 

Call Best Garage Door Company for all of your garage door repair or installation needs today! 

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