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It’s almost spooky season again! Halloween is definitely one of the most exciting times of the year. People go to extra lengths just to display their most creative costumes, accentuate their homes with creepy decorations, and plan out Halloween parties with friends.

By now, you might already be planning what to give out during trick-or-treating, shopping for your Halloween costume, or getting your house ready for the season. Just as with any other yearly celebration, it’s always more fun when you know you’re 100% prepared for the occasion.

But aside from the usual Halloween prep, it’s also always important that you keep every part of your home in check, including your garage door. You surely don’t want to miss out on all the fun by leaving a chunk of your home behind. Your garage door needs some loving, too, and it can definitely add a nice touch to your Halloween celebration.

If you need ideas on how to prepare your garage door for the Halloween season, you can refer to the list below. These are some examples of devices and accessories that you can add to your garage door to make it spooky season-ready.

Prep and Clean Your Door

Everything should start with a clean and blank slate. Since your door is always exposed to the outside, it’s also susceptible to dirt and dust buildup. Make sure your garage door is clean by using a mild cleaning solution to wipe down all the dirt, dust, and cobwebs covering the area.

If you have extra time, you can even have your garage door service provider run a quick maintenance check. They can help you work on some repairs and replacements to get your garage door ready for the celebration.

Choose Fun Decorations

Skulls, fake cobwebs, bats, and more! Have fun putting up Halloween-themed decorations to give your home that “spooky” yet stylish look. Add jack-o-lanterns, fun lighting, and even a window decal if you have a carriage house-style garage door with windows.

You can even choose a theme for your garage door if you’re feeling a bit fancy. Transform your garage door into a haunted house entrance, creepy carnival tent, or even a magic portal. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Add Some Sound Effects

Aside from installing lights and other scary decorations, one thing you can do to level up your home’s Halloween is add sound effects. You can install Bluetooth speakers near your home entrance to add to the overall experience. This will surely entertain your guests especially during trick-or-treat!

Go the Extra Mile

Want to go all out for the occasion? Why not call your garage door maintenance team and have them paint your door with some Halloween-inspired hues? You can also exchange your door’s usual hardware with Halloween-themed ones such as old-school knockers and vintage-themed hinges.

Ensure Garage Door Safety

With trick-or-treat being a part of the occasion, you can expect a lot of traffic around your neighborhood. Before this even happens, book a maintenance service with your garage door service provider to ensure that all garage door functions and security measures are working perfectly fine. 

You can also consider replacing your garage door opener with one that connects to your home’s smart system if you want to monitor who goes in and out of your garage door at all times. This will definitely come in handy during such situations where people come in and out of your property.

Need Help With Getting Halloween-ready?

If you want to get your garage door ready before the spooktacular celebration, you can call on a trusted garage door service provider near you to perform maintenance checks, and last-minute repairs, and even install safety features if needed. This way, you can rest your worries away, knowing that your home is safe and secure at all times.

Call Best Garage Door Service, your Everett-based garage door company that installs, repairs, and replaces garage doors all over Snohomish, Pierce, and King County areas. Let the team help you make your Halloween a celebration to remember by booking an appointment today!

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