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Just like any other exterior part of your home, your garage door needs to be properly cared for, too. Once your garage door company installs your door, it’s your responsibility as a homeowner to provide proper upkeep of your garage door to prolong its lifespan.

On average, a typical garage door would last for about 10-15 years. This is also dependent on a number of factors such as the climate and overall environmental condition of your area, technological advancements, and proper maintenance.

Here are some ways how you can keep your garage door in its optimal condition:

Do a thorough visual inspection. As with other parts of your home, the best way to start examining your garage door for any maintenance issues is by doing a visual check. Usually, by performing this, you’ll find telltale signs of wear and tear on your garage door such as rusting, dents, misalignments, and more.

Test the safety features. Your garage door is equipped with safety features designed to prevent any untoward incidents from happening when someone is near. In particular, the auto-reverse function has been a standard feature in garage doors so no one gets caught under it as it goes down. There are also other features like the photo eyes which are like sensors sending signals to your garage door to stop and reverse once it detects a person or an object.

Make sure your garage door safety parts are always working properly or else, you should grab your garage door maintenance team right away to do some repairs. It wouldn’t hurt to be too careful!

Check the balance. Just like the safety features, your door’s balance should also be maintained at all times. You can check its balance by manually operating the door and stopping it halfway. If the door doesn’t stay in place when stopped at any time, this can be a sign that it’s unbalanced which may lead to accidents down the line.

Lubricate and tighten parts. This is one of the most important parts of maintaining a garage door. Since the mechanism involves different bits and pieces to operate, keeping them tightly screwed and lubricated will ensure that they work smoothly. Even the smallest screws attached to a certain garage door mechanism plays a significant part, so having a trained eye check them is a must!

Cleaning and painting. Aside from protecting the doors' functions, you should also include the actual body of the garage door when performing maintenance checks. Since your garage door is exposed to the outside, dirt, debris, and other stuff might get caught in its tracks and build up over time. To make sure nothing gets in the way of its mechanism, always make sure to clean up the accumulated dirt on the track of your garage door.

Painting and finishing are important parts of garage door maintenance as well. Not only do they improve the appearance of the door itself, but they also protect the door from weather and other elements that can speed up its deterioration. Depending on the material of your garage door, there are certain types of paint that work best for it than others. Consulting an expert garage door mechanic about this matter will help.

Performing garage door maintenance might seem like a simple task at first, but if you think about it, this requires professional guidance. As the garage door is composed of complicated parts, unlike other home fixtures that you can just DIY, having an experienced garage door contractor will make maintenance easier and safer. Any misstep you take might cause serious accidents and further damage to your property.

To keep harm at bay and to make things easier for you, hire a professional garage door repair team today. Hailing from Everett, WA, the Best Garage Door Company is your premier garage door installer ready to take on this challenging task.

Connect with us today and let’s discuss how we can help you keep your garage door sparkly, shiny, and looking brand new for years to come.

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