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Your garage door is an essential part of the home that keeps you and your family safe from intruders and natural elements. As such, it’s always important to keep your garage door in its best condition to ensure your safety and security. 

When you have a garage door installed at home, you always have to observe proper safety precautions as it can also be a safety hazard. Garage doors are heavy and are fully operated by various intricate parts. If you aren’t too careful, it can be a cause of accidents and injuries. It’s always important to be alert when you’re opening, closing, or doing anything within the vicinity of your garage door.

Here are a few safety precautions when you’re near your garage door as well as other important maintenance tips to always keep it in shape:

Install Sensors

Having sensors attached to your door will definitely help keep you safe around it. The sensors detect any sort of movement around the garage door and help prevent it from fully closing in case someone is under or near it.

Make sure to test your sensors every now and then by momentarily placing your hand under the door. If it stops at a certain point and the shutter draws all the way back up, it means the door is working properly.

Always Check Your Emergency Release

An emergency release mechanism will be useful in case of a power failure or a door malfunction. It will help you open the door without needing electricity. If you have one, always ensure that it’s working properly and that you and your family members know how to operate it.

Childproof the Area

Despite all the advancements in garage doors and their accessories, they are still a great cause of accidents for little children. Being around garage doors can be at great risk for kids if they’re left unattended. Aside from possibly getting injured under the door, they may also accidentally hurt themselves by getting their hands in between the door gaps. To prevent this, you may install pinch guards or similar devices.

Keep the Controls Out of Reach

To prevent children from gaining access to your garage door without your knowledge, always keep the keypads or controls out of their reach. You can also integrate your garage door opener into your automated home system so you can monitor it at all times.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

A fully functional garage door can make a difference between life and death. Always make sure that your door has all the necessary parts intact and immediately fix any sign of wear and tear, especially with integral parts such as the door spring.

To keep your garage door in top condition, book a trusted garage door service that can help you repair, replace, or install a new door as needed. They should be licensed and insured with years of experience to back up their expertise. You should also look for one with stellar reviews courtesy of the extensive list of satisfied customers.

Best Garage Door Company is your premier garage door repair, replacement, and installation services in Everett, WA, and neighboring cities. We also service Pierce and King County in our quest to deliver the best garage door products and services all over Washington State.

Contact us today and let us help you keep your garage and your family safe at all times.

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