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We can all probably agree that sticking to the usual is boring. It would be nice to add some spice and flair to your usual every now and then, even when it comes to your home exterior aesthetic. Looking like any house down the block is a bit bland, so it’s a good idea to spruce things up a little!

Your garage door is one perfect project to beautify your home exterior. Since it’s a big part of your home, any changes you make will be noticeable and can add to your home’s overall charm. It can definitely boost your home’s curb appeal as well, which will definitely amp up your home’s market value in case you plan on selling it at some point. But even if you don’t, leveling up your garage door is still a good investment as a homeowner.

One other benefit you can get from upgrading your garage door is that you’re able to make it more durable against natural elements such as weather. Washington state’s ever-changing climate may not be the most ideal condition for some specific garage door materials, so changing them would definitely strengthen your home exterior so it can last for years to come.

If you want to upgrade your home garage door, below are a few ideas to help you get started.

Change Your Hardware

One subtle yet impactful change you can make to your garage door is switching to decorative hardware. You can change into more aesthetically pleasing hinges, and door handles, and even add faux windows for added effect.

Add Windows

If you’re not keen on adding faux ones, why not have your garage door installation team add real windows to your garage door instead? Not only will it give your space a facelift, but it is also a good source of natural light which is beneficial if you’re using your garage space for something other than storing your vehicle.

Repaint Your Door

A fresh paint wash can always make a difference to your home exterior’s overall appearance. Whether you’re choosing an entirely different color or just giving your old one a touch-up, there’s no doubt that getting your garage door painted can make it look all shiny and brand new again.

Choose A Different Door Style

Want to give a more dramatic, rustic look to your garage space? Why not change into a carriage-style garage door for that classic look? Some companies even have a “Design Your Own Door” offering to their customers so you can customize a door that fits your taste.

Add Smart Features To Your Door

Aside from weatherproofing your garage door, adding security features to your door is a great way to level things up. Nowadays, you can access your garage door remotely using your smartphone so you know what’s happening around the premises at all times. You can even open and close the door remotely and even receive packages safely even when no one’s at home, thanks to your door security system’s advanced features.

Let Your Garage Door Installer Help You Level Up Your Home

With all these great features and ideas that you can add to your home garage door, you might be wondering how you can start working on your project. Well, look no further as your trusted garage door company in Everett knows just what to do for you to achieve your dream garage door.

Best Garage Door Company is your go-to garage door installer and garage door repair service in the Snohomish, Pierce, and King County areas. With all the right tools, knowledge, and the best garage door brands in the market, we are able to add some sparkle to your otherwise plain and boring garage area.

Call us today at (425) 320-5149 or message our team through our contact page so we can start working on your garage door right away!

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