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Energy efficiency is a big thing nowadays. With people getting more aware of the ways we should conserve energy and other natural resources, it’s becoming increasingly prevalent for households to switch to more eco-friendly options, whether it be their appliances or other common household items.

The government has also been supportive of switching to more energy-efficient items around the house. For example, Puget Sound gives rebates to homeowners who switch to high-efficiency natural gas boilers from their old systems. The program encourages people to switch to ENERGY STAR-qualified equipment, a big advancement from the old boilers we used to have installed at home.

But when talking about energy efficiency, it’s also important to note that your home interior isn’t the only thing you should improve on to ensure conservation and proper usage of energy within your home. The exterior plays a huge part, too.

In particular, your garage door can be of big help when it comes to the conservation of energy. Since it covers one of the biggest openings to your home, it’s important that you ensure it's in the best condition at all times to improve consumption.

Here are a few ways your garage door can help improve your energy efficiency at home:

  • Insulation - Adding proper insulation to your garage door can greatly contribute to the regulation of temperature inside your home. It helps keep your home warm during the winter and also is instrumental in keeping the coolness inside during the warmer months.
  • Energy efficient materials - Aside from adding insulation, ensuring that the materials installed help in improving the overall temperature of your home garage area is extremely helpful.
  • Weatherstripping- When your garage door has little to no space in between cracks, it helps keep the warmth inside the house during winter. It also helps keep moisture and other natural elements at bay.
  • Smart garage door system- With garage doors and garage door openers getting connected to your home automation system, it’s becoming easier to keep garage doors locked, no matter where you are. This helps lessen the chances of your garage door being kept open for long periods of time.
  • Proper installation- Of course, nothing beats the proper installation of your garage door. This becomes the foundation of your door becoming energy efficient. When the door is properly installed, it increases the effectiveness of the other factors you consider for energy efficiency.

To ensure that your garage door is properly installed, meets all the requirements needed, and will help last you a long time, book a service with a trusted garage door installing contractor. 

Best Garage Door Company from Everett, WA is your leading garage door company in the Snohomish, King, and Pierce County areas. We offer various garage door products and services to help make sure your home garage door meets all your needs and wants.

Call us today at (425) 320-5149 so we can start discussing how we can make your home energy efficient through your garage door.

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