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Garage Door Noise Reduced by 60%

Innovative sound reduction solutions for new and existing garage doors

How to Fix a Noisy Rattling Garage Door

Family owned and operated, Best Garage Door Company specializing in repairs and servicing Pierce, King & Snohomish Counties, provides innovative sound reduction solutions for new and existing doors. This unique approach now provides homeowners with quiet functionality for both garage doors and garage door openers. We’re proud to offer this method as it is almost unheard of in this industry, setting us apart from the rest.

The loud nuisance of opening and closing has been an accepted reality for most homeowners. This no longer needs to be the case. Unique sound deadening vibration, soundproofing pads are strategically installed to various hardware elements throughout, reducing noise by 60%. With so many moving parts, this solution impacts more areas than one might initially think and a good idea to address. It’s particularly beneficial when it's located below or adjacent to living quarters such as a bedroom or living room. A loud door can be troublesome for homeowners who have late night arrivals or challenging work schedules, while also having the potential to disrupt the sleep schedules of young children. Let our professional expert answer your questions with a free estimate.

Be a Good Neighbor with a Quiet Door & Opener

With affordable housing becoming more scarce, especially in urban areas like Seattle in Washington state, where homeowners and builders are erecting homes in closer proximity than ever before. This means loud annoying scraping and grinding noise, especially one that is malfunctioning, can be very frustrating for neighbors. This new noise reduction approach goes a long way toward being a good neighbor.

The pads also provide extra protection for the mechanics, increasing longevity and reducing the need for constant maintenance and repairs. They also create less strain on the entire system and are a preventative measure to keep one of the most important access points to a home in good condition.

What are Common Causes of Garage Door Noise?

Here's a list of pesky things that impact the acoustics & loud noise:

  • Metal Rollers, Nylon Rollers, or Other Loud Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Bearings
  • Pulleys
  • Loose Chain
  • Torsion Spring
  • Poor Grease & Poor Lubrication
  • Rattling Loose Nuts & Bolts
  • Extension Springs
  • Off-Balance Alignment
  • Garage Door Opener Noise

Garage Door Security Keeps Your Home Safe

A loud and compromised garage door can attract unsavory people who target homes for theft. A garage typically houses some of the most expensive possessions a homeowner has and commonly provides direct access to the rest of the home and the person or family living there. Servicing and repairing this entry point is key to offering safety and peace of mind, it is not an area to ignore or put-off.

Can You Imagine a One-Time Cost for All Parts & Labor?

We, at Best Garage Door Company, also provide three “Systems” which offer long-term service for existing and new garage doors. These warranty systems cover roughly 70,000 to 100,000 open & close cycles. This allows us to immediately take any necessary safety precautions. Adding the Sound Reduction Solution upgrade to these system packages greatly enhances this service. The model allows for a one-time investment, eliminating unexpected and expensive repair bills over the course of twenty to forty years. Extending the life and all its working systems is in any homeowner’s best interest due to the expense of replacement. Reach out to learn more about our one-time cost for all parts & labor service program.

24/7 Service

No job is too small. Lubrication & grease, rollers, hinges, vibration or off-balance issues.

With a commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Best Garage Door Company offers 24/7 service to those in the Seattle, Tacoma, and Snohomish area. Our services include brand new installation, emergency service, and ongoing maintenance. For more information about this sound reduction solution or System in Place service options, reach out to our team. We’re standing by to answer your questions.

When something unexpected happens, the worst part can be waiting for your repair person to arrive, especially if it's a safety issue. At Best Garage Door Company, we never want you to risk seriously injury we understand that very rarely does something break on a sunny day when you did not have anywhere to be. When something goes wrong, make sure to call us and our customer service representatives will get you into the schedule as quickly as we can.

Excellent, fast, friendly service!—Tiffany N.
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