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Garage Door Opener Everett

Garage Door Openers in Everett

Working and living in the Puget Sound is unmatched.  We also call Everett our backyard as we are based out of, you guessed it, Everett!  We love to take care of our next-door neighbors and hope that if you need any kind of help with your garage door, we are the first you call.   

With all the options to help raise and lower your garage door, one of the more popular options is the screw-driven opener.  Compared to its other cousins, the number of parts within the motor and mechanism is lower and can therefore be easier to take care of.  There is a long threaded bar, like a 6 foot tall drywall screw that when the motor rotates it, the door will slowly open. To put the door down, the screw is turned the opposite way and it lowers the door down.  These units are often smaller than their counterparts but offer just as much power in the Horsepower department. 

A secondary feature of the screw-driven options is that they open doors very smoothly and at a slower speed to increase safety as the door operates.  Screw-driven openers need to have regular maintenance, more that most of the other types of motors for garage door openers.  We suggest having a checkup and re applying lubricant the screw at least twice a year.  Two things to take into consideration when looking at getting or replacing a screw-driven garage door opener is that they tend to make a lot of noise while working and they cannot handle the weight of some garage doors. 

Garage Door Repairman Everett

Garage doors, like many other modern machines, do not usually just break and stop working.   Typically, you can see signs of the unit straining to work right.  In a garage door, that could mean hearing new or louder noises, a ‘choppy’ raising of the garage door when it goes up or possibly even the smell of something burning if the motor is pushed too hard.  At the first sign of trouble, call The best Garage Door Repairment in Everett, The Best Garage Door Company.  We will get a technician dispatched and work as fast as we can to solve the issues. 

Garage Door Replacement Everett

The spring on your garage door is not all that different from your balance when lifting a couch to move into another room.  The spring helps keep the diversion of weight equal on all sides and will improve the motions and speed of your door.  Should that spring need to be replaced, we strongly recommend replacing the spring and making any other repairs necessary to get the garage door back up and running. 

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