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Garage Door Opener Kent

Garage Door Openers in Kent

A jackshaft-driven garage door opener is very different from your traditional openers as the motor to the unit is not hanging from the ceiling but mounded on the wall next to the door.  Delivering the same horsepower as other motors but applying it directly to the door itself rather than relying on something that is pulling the door open.  Having the unit right beside the garage door opens extra storage where a traditional unit would be mounted.  Typically for these units, they need an outlet nearby to draw power from and if you are a gadget person who always has the newest smartphone, smartwatch, and table and has more remotes in your home than you will ever need, this might be the unit for you.  Most of the jackshaft-driven units are easy to integrate with your wifi or smart home devices.  As great as these motors are, they do have drawbacks in the space needed around the door itself to mount the motor.  If your garage is in an odd shape or cannot accommodate the side-mounted unit, it would prevent one from being safely installed. 

We work all over the region. Kent is always a fun town to get to go into, it is like 6 small cities crammed together to make one. That means if you live down in the valley, up on the East Hill or in the farmland before Auburn, we come to your home.

We got a call from Ricky when his garage door opener was a garage wall and he said, "He literally saved the day!! Thank you so much! If your garage isn't opening please call this company! If I could give 20 stars I would!!!!! Great service, professional, great guy!

Garage Door Repairman Kent

Not all garage door repairmen are created equal.  We work on all makes, models, and kinds of garage door openers.  If If you need a garage door repairman in Kent, look no further than us.  As we run our company, we will have a technician come to your home, diagnose the issue and then give you an overview of the work that needs to be done.  We believe that unless your garage door cannot safely be repaired, we do not come in looking to sell you a new system.  Once we get a list of repairs, we will educate you on what the issues and concerns are.

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Garage Door Replacement Kent

A broken spring can be a very dangerous thing to happen to a garage door.  It can be simple as the unit is failing to run along its track according to having the door stuck midway open or even damaging the motor by having it try to move all of the weight on its own.  If you suspect that there is any kind of issue, please feel free to reach out to us and let the experts come to take care of your home.

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Great customer service, reasonably priced, thorough and professional. Highly recommend!

—Hana K.

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