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Garage Door Opener Seattle

Garage Door Openers in Seattle

Options are always a great thing to have as a consumer and homeowner.  If you live in Beacon Hill, Freemont, Capitol Hill or West Seattle, The Best Garage Door Company is the place to call when you have problems with your garage door opener in Seattle.  We are a local company whose focus is keeping your garage door functioning at peak performance.  When it comes time to either look at repairing an existing garage door that isn’t functioning or need options for the inevitability of replacement, it is important to know about the machines in front of you. 

One of the most common types of garage door openers is the Chain-Driver opener.  The  motor moves a chain attached to the door to raise it up and down.  The chain system is similar to the working of a bicycle, the motor engages and begins to pull the door along its track.  Some of the benefits of the chain-driven system are that it is strong, durable, dependable and can last a long time.  Being one of the more common types of garage door openers, finding replacement parts is easy.  The units also have drawbacks as well; The chain-drive system is loud as it pushed or pulls metal chains along its metal pins and because there is essentially a long bike chain, they often need extra maintenance.  The last drawback is that the units are rarely smooth; it jerks and jumps and bounces as the door goes up and down. 

Garage Door Repairman Seattle

If you need a garage door repairman, you cannot find anyone better than The Best Garage Door Company.  We work on all makes, all models and we want to do what is best for your home.  As a company, we do not shy away from repairs at a customer’s home but educate you about your garage door and what if anything needs to be done. 

Garage Door Replacement Seattle

In some cases, it is more beneficial for the homeowner to gut the motor, remove the tracks and throw away the door.  When replacement is the best option, we will be the best possible installers to carefully remove the old and broken bones to install a new and better functioning model. 

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