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Garage Door Opener Tacoma

One of the great things about garage door openers is the options that you have.  It doesn’t matter if your home or business is in the Proctor area or Ruston, we service all of the Tacoma areas equally.  We are a small family-owned business whose focus on ensuring your garage door or garage doors are working properly is our one and only goal. 

One of the more common types of garage door openers is belt-driven openers.  Like their cousin, the chain-driven openers, the motor is mounted on top of the ceiling within the garage.  Belts for these units can be made from a very wide variety of materials that can increase the longevity of the belt.  When the button is pushed and the motor turns on, small ‘teeth’ like parts of the belt are fed into a wheel and the door begins to move and up and.  One of the best advantages of the best is because of the high number of connection points the belt has to the unit, the doors often rise and lower in a much smoother, faster, and much quieter option.  Two things to be aware of with belt-driven openers is that heavier doors can cause unit issues and the belts could wear out before a traditional chain will break but, regularly maintained openers can function just as long. 

Garage Door Repairman Tacoma

Not all garage door repairmen are created equal.  We work on all makes, models, and kinds of garage door openers.  If your garage door is stuck, halfway up or down, you should call us first.  We will set up the soonest appointment we can and have a technician on their way to your home with a truck filled with parts.  Depending on the issue, at times we may need to order special parts for your unit, but we do carry all our tools and universal parts to get your door up and running the first time. 

Garage Door Replacement Tacoma

In some cases, it is more beneficial for the homeowner to gut the motor, remove the tracks and throw away the door.  Garage door spring replacements are incredibly important if your existing spring is cracking or broken.  Your door can still function, but it is suggested that you open and close it manually.  Without that high-pressure spring, it puts more pressure on the motor within the garage door and it can burn out much faster.  If you think there is a problem with the spring on your garage door, give us a call to come and check before major damage is done to your motor.

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