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Garage Door Repair Bellevue

Garage door repairs are a fact of owning one.  Like every other kind of machine, they need to have bolts tightened, a little extra great in the track, and make sure all the electrical parts are clean and not showing signs of damage.  Does doing regular maintenance on a garage door 100% guarantee that there will never be an issue?  No, no one could make that statement and be honest.  However, having a regular safety inspection and maintenance could prevent one from happening.  If one of our technicians comes to your home and makes sure that things are working properly it can prevent issues that happen in daily use. 

garage door repair bellevue

When you have a problem in your home and call a service technician out to your home, whether it is an HVAC Tech, plumber, electrician, or garage door repairman, depending on the age and condition of your equipment, the issue of repair versus replacement comes up often.  It can be a very hard conversation to have depending on the issue at hand.  Our technicians always give sound and professional advice.  We do not want to tell a customer who has three medium size repairs done that they need to rip it all out and install something brand new.  The flip side of that coin is if our technician feels that it is in the best interest and in safety that a replacement is needed.  In both cases, we want to educate the customer as to their options and what will work best for their home.     

In the case of older homes, our customer Jennifer said, “Stephen had his work cut out for him with my garage. I have a 60-year-old house with the original tilt-up door. I was looking to upgrade, and Stephen responded to my quote request. Well, let's just say there were several hiccups along the way. 2 months after the quote, I finally have my new door and it looks great! Thanks for working so hard!”

best garage door bellevue

Garage Door Service Bellevue

No matter the make or the model of your garage door, we are experts in them all.  There are several common types of garage door openers that all have the same function but have different processes.  The last thing any homeowner wants to see is a technician who comes to their house to fix something, and the technician has no idea how it works.  And that is another reason why you should call the Best Garage Door Company.  When something goes wrong with your garage door, it usually falls into one of two categories: one is that you push the button and nothing happens and the other is that you push the button, hear a very loud, angry noise, and now your garage door is half open, half closed. 

Neither of those positions is a great place to be.  If you ever find yourself in that place, give Best Garage Door Company a call.  Our team does everything we can to come out and get your garage door back operational as fast as we can. 

Nicco said, “Garage door spring randomly snapped. I looked at all the local garage door companies and Stephen for sure had the most affordable service. They came out in a timely manner, worked quickly and efficiently, and finished before I even noticed. He and his team even went out of their way to upgrade my old motor to a newer quieter one free of charge. Really appreciate them and their work and would highly recommend them!”

garage door service bellevue

Garage Repair Bellevue

The Best Garage Door Company is locally owned and operated.  Anyone can guess how to pronounce Bellevue but you know that they’re local when they can toss out Snohomish, Sammamish, or Meydenbauer Bay, you know that they are a hometown hero.  Being able to work with fellow Washingtonians is something we take pride in as this is our home too. 

It is one of THOSE mornings; the alarm didn’t go off, ran out of creamer for the coffee, your phone didn’t charge, and you walk out into the garage, push the button, and nothing.  You push it again.  And again.  We here at Best Garage Door Company can come to your rescue with our expert team who always deliver top-notch service because we are right down the road. 

Speaking of early mornings, our customer Annabelle said, “Woke up this morning to my garage door not working and lodged opened after a broken spring. Stephen responded to my yelp message right away with pricing and was here within a couple of hours and had everything fixed in less than 20 minutes. He not only replaced my part but upgraded it with no extra charge and looked over the rest of my garage door assembly as well. Service was fast and professional, and I felt he went the extra mile to do quality service. Would recommend.”

One of the features that our website offers is the Build Your Own Door.  There can be a lot of reasons why a homeowner could be looking for a new garage door.  Everything from getting a home ready to sell to increasing the asking price, wanting to spruce up the garage in a home that you have lived in and love and just want a change or there has been damage done to the door and you want to replace it for safety issues.  One of the best features of the online tool is that when a homeowner is looking at making upgrades and changes, it can give a visual idea of what you need and give us an idea of what kind of equipment will need to go with it. 

Stephen was communicative, timely, and did quality work. Highly recommend.—Will G.
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