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Garage Door Repair Kent

Does your garage door make a loud metallic screech when opening or closing?  Whether it happens once on a cold morning or if it happens more often, that is your garage door letting you know it needs help.  A loud garage door can be a sign that something is not working the way it was designed to.  In a machine that is designed to open and close a very large door, that can lead to accidents that are just inconvenient to causing serious damage to your home, property or even family.  We have an expert team of certified technicians who can come out and ensure that your garage door is opening and closing properly. 

Garage Door Service Kent

One of the service issues that can come up is that the garage door is starting to sag in upon itself.  It often starts as a single hinge that is starting to come loose but this can start a small problem and escalate into a massive issue quickly.  A great way to avoid the issue is to have a regular maintenance appointment to keep everything running properly, oiling the right places and keeping grease out of the parts that are not supposed to have it.  We gladly serve the Kent area, from Panther lake, to the Valley, East Hill and even the West Hill of Kent.  We are a local company that employs the best Technicians to work on any issues that your garage door may have. 

Garage Repair Kent

A typical garage door is made to do around 10,000 cycles in its life.  In that time, the individual parts will keep doing what they are designed to do.  However, like any mechanical machine, parts can start to rub together, grease can cease to be where it is supposed to be, screws can slip and springs can lose their elasticity.  When things start to look or sound like it is not functioning like it should, we have our technicians who can come out, diagnose and repair anything that could be causing your garage door to not work properly.  When you need to have garage repairs in Kent, trust in your local Best Garage Door Company.  We are a local company based in King County and we have a passion to deliver the best service to our neighbors when they need help. 

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