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Garage Door Repair Lake Stevens

We are a small, locally owned company that loves to assist homeowners. When it comes to your garage door, we want to be the first and only company you consider. That includes scheduling repair appointments when your garage door will only lift three feet off the ground, a regular maintenance check to ensure it is functioning properly, and even a replacement when the time is perfect. We are the reliable business you should contact whether you want to add an insulated garage door to transform your garage into an extra living room or if you want to improve the curb appeal of your house before you sell it. 

Jeff had this to say after our visit to his home: “Stephen was swift to respond on yelp and also to fix our garage door. He was friendly and professional. Thank You.”

Garage Door Service Lake Stevens

Cars "bumping" into garage doors or a lack of maintenance are the two main reasons why they don't operate properly. When your garage door is out of balance, it won't be long until you only see a flashing light when you click the button An average garage door is built to operate 10,000 times during its lifetime. The individual components will continue performing their intended functions throughout that period. But just like any mechanical device, parts can begin to rub against one another, oil can stop being where it should be, screws can come loose, and springs can start to lose their elasticity. We have professionals on staff who can respond when something starts to sound or appear like it is not working as it should, assess the problem, and make the necessary repairs. We are a neighborhood business with a presence in Snohomish County, and we are passionate about giving our residents the finest assistance possible.

Garage Repair Lake Stevens, WA

The garage door starting to sag in on itself is one of the service problems that can occur. A garage door that has skipped a track is exceedingly dangerous, and this is how it frequently begins. Something had to have knocked it off the track, aside than the weight of the door sitting at angles for which it was never weight tested. When parking a car, perhaps someone got a little too near, and some grease and debris combined to form a solid item that caused the door to leap its own tracks.  When that occurs, one of our skilled technicians will be dispatched at the earliest opportunity to restore it to working order. We repair all makes and models of garage door motors.

Stephen was communicative, timely, and did quality work. Highly recommend.—Will G.
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