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Garage Door Repair Monroe

We are a small, locally owned company that loves to assist homeowners. When it comes to your garage door, we want A service issue that can pop up for some homeowners when the panels on the garage door being to warp.  When the wood or metal of the door begins to bend there is pressure and weight begins to shift and wear wrong.  Pressure on a bolt from the wrong angle can cause it to snap in half like a pretzel.  Once the weight of the door has moved enough and parts begin to break, the door itself can buckle causing serious damage.  Aside from the door itself being damaged the tracks and motor make a slight repair into a much more time-intensive and costly repair. 

Garage Door Service Monroe

A typical garage door is made to do around 10,000 cycles in its life.  In that time, the individual parts will keep doing what they are designed to do.  However, like any mechanical machine, parts can start to rub together, grease can cease to be where it is supposed to be, screws can slip and springs can lose their elasticity.  When things start to look or sound like it is not functioning as it should, we have our technicians who can come out, diagnose and repair anything that could be causing your garage door to not work properly.  When you need to have garage repairs in Kent, trust your local Best Garage Door Company.  We are a local company based in  Snohomish County and we have a passion to deliver the best service to our neighbors when they need help. 

Garage Repair Monroe, WA

Small parts, gears, screws, and springs need to be checked to ensure that they are not moving or moving like they are supposed to.  A single screw coming to lose doesn’t mean that your garage door opener will fall off the ceiling although if enough screws come loose, it could.  Call the Best Garage Door Company and let us come to your home and make sure that your garage door is working the way you need it to. 

Great customer service, reasonably priced, thorough and professional. Highly recommend!—Hana K.
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