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Home improvement can be daunting, we can often focus on the interior renovations or things that we can do ourselves. The challenge is, these things can be so incremental that we don’t always feel there’s progress. If you’re looking for a big impact, solid investment, and improvement to your home, replace your garage door. 

Gone are the days where a garage door is a simple, necessary function for the face of your house. There was a time, the goal was to keep it from being an eyesoar, and to simply compliment the overall design of the house.

Not anymore! Now, your garage door can be the shining star. Especially if you have an older, very simple house design with very little character. You can transform your home’s identity with a new garage door. There are so many options. Here’s a few styles to keep in mind… you’ll be the envy of your neighbors.

We’ll unpack the top level of garage door styles and then dive into each one in future blog posts.

Image of featured styles of garage doors

Traditional Garage Doors

Even though the term may imply simplicity, it doesn’t mean there aren't many terrific options. A few that you should consider are overlays, inlays, embossed, and garage doors with windows. One of our manufacturers, Garaga, says it well, “ Whether to add a touch of beauty or simply increase the natural light in your garage, you will surely find the style that fits perfectly with your tastes. For each traditional door design, there is a large selection available to choose from.”

Carriage House Garage Doors

Also known as barn style garage doors. They have distinctive design elements such as decorative handles and hinges. They often have the illusion of swing out doors, even though they open traditionally and work well with standard garage door openers. It’s a beautiful way to accent your home. It may even become its best feature. 

Contemporary Modern Garage Doors

These doors are often very sleek and minimal in nature. Their simplicity does not translate to boring. Quite the opposite. Sometimes the garage door creates the illusion of no lines or decor, very flat and one dimensional in nature. On the other hand, they are also enjoyed for their option to have beautiful glass panels that can be clear, frosted, or even tinted to add visual interest. It’s common for them to be constructed of metal and aluminum which adds to their durability and longevity. 

In the next blog, we’ll cover full view, rustic, and custom garage doors. 
Even though we are sharing information about garage door installation in this series of posts, please know that we are happy to come service your existing door or garage door opener. Garage door repair is one of our specialties. Many companies prefer to focus on installs, but that’s not the case for us, we’re happy to take care of your service and maintenance needs. Give us a call: (425) 320-5149 or reach out here on our site so we can answer your questions.

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