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Are you among the people who use their garage mainly for storing or parking cars, or are you the type to use the space for something else? Whether you have a sizeable garage space or just enough for one car, you might start to wonder for a while if there’s anything you can do to upgrade your space.

Luckily, as your garage is a wide, open space, you can play around with a couple of different ideas to utilize the space better. From your own personal haven to a fully functional professional space, you can definitely make more out of your garage area.

Now if you’re thinking about where to park your car after converting your garage space into an extension of your interior space, you might want to consider checking out your city’s parking and car storage rules, first. Seattle, for instance, allows you to park up to three cars outside your property. You cannot, however, park in your side yard if it faces the street. You have to make sure you have enough space to park a car first before considering any makeover project for your garage space.

Once you have ensured a safe and legal space for your vehicles, you can put your work suit on and get started with the garage facelift! Here are a few ideas you might want to consider when giving your garage space a makeover.

Home Gym

Why spend thousands for a gym membership when you can just invest in your own workout equipment and convert your garage into your workout space? You can place exercise or yoga mats, your treadmill, weights, and more.

Craft Room/Workshop/Home Studio

If you have a knack for creating things but you don’t have a crafting area inside your home, your garage is your next best bet. You can probably create a mini showroom/display of your craft should there be enough space to do so.

Theater Room

Build another space to chill with your family by installing a projector, adding some night lights, and a couch in your garage. It’s the perfect place to host movie nights with your family and friends in your extra space. Just make sure you have enough popcorn and drinks to last you the whole night!

Guest Room

If you always have family and friends over for weekends, special occasions, or holidays, this is a good idea for you. Consider creating a “suite” in your garage where you can host your loved ones and give them a space of their own while they stay with you. You can even install a bathroom as needed for that complete package.

Indoor Garden

Want to make your home fully green? You can convert your extra space into a mini garden! This is a good idea for those who don’t have enough space to grow more plants or if you want to experiment with growing your own herbs and vegetables during the fall and winter season in Washington.

How Do You Keep Your Garage Safe?

After converting your extra room into an extension of your living space, you might be wondering what you can do to make it safer for you and your family. The answer lies in installing durable garage doors.

When you add in durable, high-quality doors, they can definitely add an extra layer of protection for your home, making you feel more comfortable and secure using the space at all times.

But how do you do this? You can start by contacting your local garage door installer to ask questions and get recommendations. 

In the Snohomish, King, and Pierce County for instance, there’s Best Garage Door Company to help you out. Backed by years of experience installing garage doors and replacing old ones, you’re guaranteed to get the best advice on what door fits your space perfectly.

Best Garage Door Company also offers the latest garage door products, including garage door openers from leading manufacturers in the market. With our partner products and stellar service, you can never go wrong with choosing our team.

Call us at (425) 320-5149 and share your vision with Washington State’s number one today!

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